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We are team of talanted designers, developers, engineers, architect, educators who are joining forces to make sure business processes are optimized and fully making profits they wish for.

About Us

SIRETA CA is an Multi-Service company with HQ in Canada, Montreal Quebec and currently Operating in Nongo Kiroty, Conakry Guinee.

  • Working with vulnerable and deprived target groups from the field of information - education and communication (IEC) on the need for them to join and mobilize within the new associative structure in the favor of human development.
  • We Promote the Organization of education and awareness campaigns on: The principles, values and characteristics of SIRETA GUINEA. The principles and values of civics and citizenship
  • Management/technology field
    - Implement social actions with a view to improving living conditions and the living environment through:
    - Technological activities by:
    - the creation, administration and monitoring of websites
    - the creation of telephone and office applications
    - database maintenance activities
    - educational activities by:
    - setting up and equipping vocational training centers in technology, English and NTIC tools
    - training of SERETA GUINEA staff
    - basic and functional literacy training

Our main intervention is to provide relaible hosting and design of websites, integrated development, information education communication (IEC), Software design, Trade in electronic equipments, catering, transfer of parcels, travel agency, decoration, capacity building, consulting / Advice, local, national and international recruitment of employees, technology, management, mechanics and driving school.

Take a Course and Improve your Career

Why Should you do business with Sireta EDU, Sireta MSP, Sireta IPTV or Sireta CA

Our team is helping major telecom service providers to construct extend wireless coverage and connectivity from across BC. Our responsibilities are including multiple engineering disciplines allowing us to deliver different types turnkey cellular sites (Roof top , Green Field , IBS), our experienced team spearheaded with strong management can overcome site challenges and deliver high quality sites within time and budget.

  • 01 Sireta iEDU training events and partnering with institutions around the world

    Sireta iEDU Training Centers (SIDU-TC) are not separate entities (companies or individuals) conducting intensive public or private training sessions and certification tests according to the official Training Outline of all industrial leading Institution oversears. We's are affiliated with each other in many forms as we all atrive to make the world a better by passing Hign income skilled and degrees to our learners and our goal is to make sure our customers get the most out of where the money go, (Their Investment) . We use our own training materials and bear sole responsibility for the training sessions offered. Please contact any of our Training Centers directly regarding their offers.

  • Sireta iEDU work with educational institutions such as universities, technical schools, colleges, vocational schools, and other educational institutions offering semester time based Internet networking courses for their academic students using Our Technology as a learning tool.

  • Sireta iEDU training sessions are organized and provided by Expert Trainers from various locations around the World. Our Courses are attended by network engineers, integrators, managers, Clevel Staffs and anyone who would like to be part of any of our curses and training events we offer.


We are leaders in the field of Technology, Leadership, Management, Business and so on...

As we team up together at Sireta couple with our most brilliant staffs and Management Team, We Join together a Strong Force to solve all of your Business Needs.

Governmental Affairs, Leadership and Change Management 100%
Telecommunications, GSM, MSP Systems Development, Management.100%
State Security, Cyber Security Services 100%
Graphic, Media, Website and Cross Platform Applications Development.100%

Brief List of our Services

Do you have an Idea and Looking for means to Develop it, Is it Technology related or not. Sireta MSP is into development and management of Technology and Engineering Services..

We Build / Develop Systems for ISP/Telecom Companies

D you have an intention to invest into Wired or Wireless Service Provider Company or do you already run one, Sireta have all it take to support your services ranging from equipments supplies to Technical Systems development, We have you covered.

We Build Websites of all kind and Develop Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications

We develop websites and Softwares that work on all operating system which is what is refer to as Cross Platform Application.

CCTV Systems Installation and Configuration with Remote access

When we install CCTV Systems for customers, we make it our responsibly possible for our customer to monitor their facilities from anywhere in the world, keeping you on top of what is happening in your homes or business areas.

VOIP / Business Phone Systems

We understand the cost of GSM and other known forms of Business communication can be quite costly which is why we are here to work into your Budget, Our VOIP Solution is design to give you the best performance ever leaving your business to focus on other growth issues that matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with quaries, these are questions Customers and Visitors as you have ask us, Look and see if any of the questions resinate with what you want to know, If not please feel free to contact us.

  • How many Countries are you located?

    Our HQ is in Canada Montreal Quebec and we have launched Officially in Guinee Conakry with expansion to other countries coming soon, but we also provide remote and international support and services, Let us know where you need our service and our business team will make all the necessary arrangements..

  • Sireta EDU trainings are all paid services, but if you are a member of our NGO Chefaide and you meet all the required dues payments you stand the chance to get either 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50% discount on all of our courses.

  • No and Yes, We have so many courses which are straitly french based but some of our High TECH courses require you to take at least a basic english course as a prerequisite.

  • It all depend on what you want to study, courses duration range from 2 weeks and some of our Diploma courses go for 9 to 10 Months.

  • Be a lucky one, We do our best to recommend our Students of high paying Companies such as Banks, Telecommunications, GSM and Governments institutions, the Mining and Agriculture Sectors and more. Hope you stand the chance and defend your studies in an interview.

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Nongo Kiroty, Conakry Guinee / Montreal Canada, Quabec


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